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Shipping time and compatibility of a new ECU to Dominican Republic
Hi, i need the 39111-4A812 ECU for a Hyundai Porter. Your page says you have it in stock new.
But i need to be sure that its new.
Also i want to know the shipping time to Dominican Republic if i pay for the UPS shipping. Thanks
Milton[ 27/01/2019 ]
  • We have 39111-4A812 new $380 and used $210. Shipping to Dominican Rep will be $77,7
    maax[ 31/01/2019 ]
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Your return and refund policy's
I want to know which are your return and refund policy's on engine ECU or any product in general before I place an order on your store. THANKS
Milton[ 21/01/2019 ]
  • Only one rule - want to be sure, buy new item ...
    maax[ 22/01/2019 ]
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Shipping enquiry
Hi, My business is Hyundai engine rebuilds. I would like to order parts from you on a regular basis. My concerns are the accuracy of shipping weights. I was about to order oil pump ( 261004a012 ) The actual weight is 1.5 kilos plus packaging. The quote i received was for 7 kilos. I am willing to use you as my main supplier, but i would like the shipping quotes to be more accurate. Many thanks Craig
Craig milne[ 05/12/2018 ]
  • Indeed, the error crept in there, the weight of the other, you can check again!
    maax[ 05/12/2018 ]
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Evan from Broken Hill, Australia. Hope you maybe able to help, I am chasing the following parts -  For a KIA Sportage - VIN Number- KNAPC813SC7161699  1 x 914703W072 - Wiring assy-control  Question - Can you just buy the multi-pin plug for the above?
Evan Stephenson[ 21/10/2018 ]
  • the numbers, which you indicated, not apply in Korea, export numbers
    maax[ 22/10/2018 ]
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I'm looking for Kia Sorento rear comb lamp ref 92404C5110
Laurent[ 24/06/2018 ]
  • 92404-C5110 export type, this number not apply in Korea
    maax[ 26/06/2018 ]
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Shipping time to USA
How long does it take to ship part number 96270-3S000 to the USA?
Santo Murana[ 18/06/2018 ]
  • As usually 5-7 days
    maax[ 18/06/2018 ]
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Do you have an Electronic Control Unit with part number 39127 2b700 for hyundai accent AT 1.4 model 2012
Darwin[ 08/06/2018 ]
  • 391272B700 not apply in Korea
    maax[ 09/06/2018 ]
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i pay 2 item for the site i ave no tracking number i have already written you ave never answered i give you 3 days to get an answer after i will make a decision thank you. my number transaction is Order ID: #475 Status: Voided Date
i pay 2 item for the site i ave no tracking number i have already written you ave never answered i give you 3 days to get an answer after i will make a decision thank you. my number transaction is Order ID: #475 Status: Voided Date Added: 19/03/2018 Products: 2
marcelin[ 05/04/2018 ]
  • order #475 voided, payment refunded, no shipping options
    maax[ 07/04/2018 ]
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Brake pad and Blower condensor for Hyundai Starex
I'm interested in you part and have some questions about the parts for my hyundai Starex H-1 model year 2010 in Thailand. (1) Pad kit-Rear disc brake [583024HA00]. My country part no. is 583023JA50. Can i use your part with my car? If can use , do you know why part no. is different ? (2) BLOWER ASSEMBLY-CONDENSOR [977304H000]. I also see 977304H100, 977304H500. What is the different part of H000,H100 and H500? What is part no. for the model year 2010 ?
Chatchawat[ 20/03/2018 ]
  • this is done specifically, so that buyers would only apply to the licensed representative of Hyundai, in their countrys, so that people get confused in the partnumbers and doubt it! tricky, marketing course...
    maax[ 20/03/2018 ]
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Parts availability and order
Dear vendor, I have been communicating on whatsapp for availability of some parts. You seem to have them and I would like order however can not find them on your site. Kindly advise how I can place the order. Thank you in advance for your feedback. Best regards
Vivian Boekhoudt[ 16/09/2017 ]
  • You can create an order but, we are can`t receve payment via PayPal
    maax[ 25/09/2017 ]
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Order Status #208
The order status #208 is still pending while I made the purchase yesterday. When you are going to process my order? Thanks
Tariq[ 20/09/2017 ]
  • the order #208 was voided, we are can`t receve payment by PayPal
    maax[ 25/09/2017 ]
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Availability of this ECU
Do you stil have this ECU? part code 0992 [MOBIS] Hyundai Grand Starex - USED ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT - USED A-Grade [391044A206]
Sami[ 18/08/2017 ]
  • Yes, all three of them are available.
    maksim[ 18/08/2017 ]
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Availablity of this ecu
Do you still have this part?
Sami[ 18/08/2017 ]
  • What is the product no?
    MAKSIM[ 18/08/2017 ]
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What is its condition?
Is it brand new or used? Is it genuine part?
Tariq[ 16/08/2017 ]
  • Yes, this is brand new genuine part from MOBIS
    maksim[ 16/08/2017 ]
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kia k3 koup front bumper modified on kia k3
is it able to use the above shown used front bumper on kia k3 sedan ?
Donald Wong[ 13/08/2017 ]
  • Yes, you can use here and there
    maax[ 14/08/2017 ]
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