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il y a erreur dans ma commande la bonne reference est 589201f050
paul punua[ 22/03/2019 ]
  • I see, I changed to 58920-1F050

    maax[ 23/03/2019 ]
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annulation d une commande
il y a erreur dans la reference de ma part.peut t on annuler ma commande et changer de bonne c est 589201f050. annuler 589201e000
paul punua[ 22/03/2019 ]
  • I see, I changed to 58920-1F050

    maax[ 23/03/2019 ]
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HAve a nice day!
How many day is when I can Get my 0578-508073 pump piece in Hungary?
Major Tímea[ 08/07/2019 ]
  • Not so long! i think, maybe or not maybe!
    maax[ 09/07/2019 ]
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Hacen envios a Colombia
hola necesito el CONJUNTO DE LA BOMBA DE ACEITE referencia 461003B030. Valor y costo de envio, Muchas Gracias
ANGELICA[ 10/05/2019 ]
  • 461003B030 
    EMS not come to Colombia
    Shipping to Colombia via UPS $112, 
    Shipping to USA via EMS$81

    maax[ 10/05/2019 ]
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How long will it take for the parts to arrive in Germany?
Marvin[ 28/03/2019 ]
  • by EMS standards, each time in differently
    maax[ 29/03/2019 ]
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Delivery time to New Zealand?
Ryan Clements[ 11/03/2019 ]
  • About two days
    maax[ 11/03/2019 ]
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Why can't I use my US credit card?
I want to purchase fuel filter with GM P/N 96629454.
Venerando Jayoma[ 05/03/2019 ]
  • Incredible yes, how can this be? mu us card oh my god)))))))). 
    Know now that the Earth does not revolve around America.
    In this case, the solution is: сhoose - PayPal Express Checkout
    maax[ 06/03/2019 ]
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Lissette[ 01/03/2019 ]
  • About 4 days
    maax[ 02/03/2019 ]
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How long it takes for delivery please UPS Zone 3 option
Lissette[ 20/02/2019 ]
  • to the Antarctic or to the Arctic? package for penguins
    maax[ 21/02/2019 ]
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Is the part 473003B200 new or used ....
I'm interested from TRANSFER ASSY [473003B200]. Is the part new or used? Can you tell me what is the gear ratio because I can't see it on the picture. Besides I'll add more parts like Cupp-diff case [458223B450] and other bearings and spacer. Is in this case shipping free? Thank you in advance.
Ivaylo[ 19/02/2019 ]
  • Ни одна из запчастей, с нашего ресурса, не отправляется бесплатно. Ты в каком таком, сказочном царстве живешь, что тебе что то бесплатно отправляют? От того что ты хочешь купить что то ещё, стоимость доставки только вырастет и будет дороже. Проснись Болгария, ты во сне!!!
    maax[ 20/02/2019 ]
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Shipping time and compatibility of a new ECU to Dominican Republic
Hi, i need the 39111-4A812 ECU for a Hyundai Porter. Your page says you have it in stock new.
But i need to be sure that its new.
Also i want to know the shipping time to Dominican Republic if i pay for the UPS shipping. Thanks
Milton[ 27/01/2019 ]
  • We have 39111-4A812 new $380 and used $210. Shipping to Dominican Rep will be $77,7
    maax[ 31/01/2019 ]
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Your return and refund policy's
I want to know which are your return and refund policy's on engine ECU or any product in general before I place an order on your store. THANKS
Milton[ 21/01/2019 ]
  • Only one rule - want to be sure, buy new item ...
    maax[ 22/01/2019 ]
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Shipping enquiry
Hi, My business is Hyundai engine rebuilds. I would like to order parts from you on a regular basis. My concerns are the accuracy of shipping weights. I was about to order oil pump ( 261004a012 ) The actual weight is 1.5 kilos plus packaging. The quote i received was for 7 kilos. I am willing to use you as my main supplier, but i would like the shipping quotes to be more accurate. Many thanks Craig
Craig milne[ 05/12/2018 ]
  • Indeed, the error crept in there, the weight of the other, you can check again!
    maax[ 05/12/2018 ]
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Evan from Broken Hill, Australia. Hope you maybe able to help, I am chasing the following parts -  For a KIA Sportage - VIN Number- KNAPC813SC7161699  1 x 914703W072 - Wiring assy-control  Question - Can you just buy the multi-pin plug for the above?
Evan Stephenson[ 21/10/2018 ]
  • the numbers, which you indicated, not apply in Korea, export numbers
    maax[ 22/10/2018 ]
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I'm looking for Kia Sorento rear comb lamp ref 92404C5110
Laurent[ 24/06/2018 ]
  • 92404-C5110 export type, this number not apply in Korea
    maax[ 26/06/2018 ]
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