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il y a erreur dans ma commande la bonne reference est 589201f050
paul punua[ 22/03/2019 ]
  • I see, I changed to 58920-1F050

    maax[ 23/03/2019 ]
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annulation d une commande
il y a erreur dans la reference de ma part.peut t on annuler ma commande et changer de bonne c est 589201f050. annuler 589201e000
paul punua[ 22/03/2019 ]
  • I see, I changed to 58920-1F050

    maax[ 23/03/2019 ]
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I want Transmission control unit for Hyundai TUCSON 2016
Hyundai TUCSON 2016 Transmission control unit Part # 95440-2D700
Michael Ankrah[ 18/12/2020 ]
  • If you want just make order and checout
    maax[ 23/12/2020 ]
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could you hel us with Quotation of this references number please?
28235-2F250 2pcs
Leslie[ 08/09/2020 ]
  • I do not understand what you want specifically. If you want to buy, just place an order and pay, everything is simple
    maax[ 09/09/2020 ]
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I look for the next spare
VIN: KNAKU815BBA208434 spare that you sell it serves me for VIN: KNAKU815BCA329864
  • Absolutely fit
    maax[ 23/07/2020 ]
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Shipping to Guatemala
Hey there! I wish to ve contacted to discuss shipping for a producto I would like to but. Thanks!
Rudy Contreras[ 21/07/2020 ]
  • What item about you ask?
    We can shipp to Guatemala
    maax[ 21/07/2020 ]
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Do you delivery to Angola
Do you delivery to Angola, Luanda?
Domingos[ 10/07/2020 ]
  • Worldwide available.
    maax[ 14/07/2020 ]
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are you shipping to canada
Helle are you shipping to canada, and where are you located ? i'm from québec canada
Mario Amyot[ 13/06/2020 ]
  • Yes we can shipp to Canada and worldwide shipping available
    maax[ 16/06/2020 ]
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Hello Can you send me delivery for 1 x 58900-2B800 I wait news, have a nice day
  • Of course I can send. just need to know where ...
    maax[ 16/06/2020 ]
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Engine for Kia Sportage 1,6 GDI 2011
Hello, I have a question about engine for my sportage 1,6. Do you have short engine with part number 208N22BU00? What is the price for that with shipping ? best regards Tomaž
Tomaž[ 09/03/2020 ]
  • 207N22BU00 ​$1700
    maax[ 11/03/2020 ]
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Electronic Control Unit
Hello, I am trying to locate a Hyundai Accent (2011) Electronic Control Unit. Code Number 39127-2B700. Am in Panamá, Republic of Panamá
Reinaldo Fuenmayor[ 01/03/2020 ]
  • 391272B700 $1200 + Shipping $58
    waiting time about 50 days
    maax[ 02/03/2020 ]
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Poszukuje kamerki do Hyundaia
Kamerka 95790-25012 ASSY Back View do ix35 2011 poj.1995cm .widzialam podobna na waszej stronie ale nie jestem pewna czy bedzie pasowac.prosze o odpowiedz.pozdrawiam
Anna[ 29/02/2020 ]
  • 957902S012

    maax[ 02/03/2020 ]
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please do you shipp to nigeria?
i want to order ecu to Nigeria
Kazeem[ 29/02/2020 ]
  • Shgipping Worldwide
    maax[ 29/02/2020 ]
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I have 26320 2f100 filter left over from Kia Sorento Diesel and want to know if it will fit 2017 Kia Sportage 2l Diesel. Thank You Dennis Smith
DENNIS SMITH[ 27/02/2020 ]
  • The answer to this question lies through your vin code ..., expose the vin code and the truth will be revealed to you!
    maax[ 27/02/2020 ]
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Would this part 58920-1F250 fit my 2007 Hyundai Tucson discontinued part 58920-2E301?
Please find me related parts that fit my 2007 Hyundai Tucson. thank you
Johnny Sablan[ 23/02/2020 ]
  • we do not have an answer to this question, on the issue of applicability, contact an accredited specialist from KIA
    maax[ 27/02/2020 ]
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