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il y a erreur dans ma commande la bonne reference est 589201f050
paul punua[ 22/03/2019 ]
  • I see, I changed to 58920-1F050

    maax[ 23/03/2019 ]
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annulation d une commande
il y a erreur dans la reference de ma part.peut t on annuler ma commande et changer de bonne c est 589201f050. annuler 589201e000
paul punua[ 22/03/2019 ]
  • I see, I changed to 58920-1F050

    maax[ 23/03/2019 ]
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I’m looking for clutch disk kit for my car
Hi K-spare team I’m looking for clutch disk kit for my car GM - DISC ASSY CLUTCH [96899522] (
My car VIN: KL1CG266ECBO61139
Engine : Z22D1182196K If your shop have pls show me picture with price include shipping cost, ship to Vientiane Capital, Laos Regards Detmixay Soulisak
detmixay[ 18/01/2024 ]
  • KL1CG266ECBO61139 > 25190864 > 96899522
    maax[ 18/01/2024 ]
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Do you deliver to Vietnam?
I am looking for a company to supply spare parts to Vietnam. how can i contact you?
KHOA NGUYEN[ 10/01/2023 ]
  • @makskspare (Telegram)
    +79147757345 (Whats App)

    maax[ 12/01/2023 ]
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Website working
Hello, I just opened an account on your website and it seems you are selling spare parts.
I want to inquire if you are still working as a company and if I can purchase spare parts
from your website and you can send it to me here in the Philippines also if you can send them thru fast delivery services like DHL etc? Thank you. Best regards Joe
Joe Perez[ 11/01/2023 ]
  • Yes, we sell parts. Make a request if you want to receive delivery by DHL or FedEx
    Otherwise, EMS and UPS delivery works automatically
    maax[ 12/01/2023 ]
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Will this fit 2013 Maxcruz , VIN KMHSN81XBEU005035. How much including Courier freight to Cebu City 6000, Philippines
Aarne Lacasse[ 22/06/2022 ]
  • 976062W000 absolutely fit
    UPS charge to Cebu $124

    Hanon $110
    Mobis $220
    maax[ 25/06/2022 ]
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Grand Starex - Overhaul-Gasket Kit [209104AU02A]
hi do you have it in stock [209104AU02A]
Bander Ali AL-audross[ 02/03/2022 ]
  • Yes we can realize it
    maax[ 03/03/2022 ]
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Parts 473393B610
Hello, do you have this part in stock? 473393B610
Miro[ 07/02/2022 ]
  • Yes, we have it
    maax[ 12/02/2022 ]
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pieces auto compatible
hello i want to know find out if a part is compatible and my car sportage 2011 diesel 2.0. 4x4 136 cv ref part:53020 3b600 please.
erol[ 06/02/2022 ]
  • i do not know about compatible
    if you agree you can just add to cart and checkout!
    Anonymous[ 12/02/2022 ]
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Do you have head lamps
Greetings, May i ask if you have the below head lamp 921011R730 x 1 921011R735 x 1 Regards
Paputu Iercet[ 03/02/2022 ]
  • 921011R730 unavailable format, unknow number
    maax[ 12/02/2022 ]
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Hyundai IX35 parts
Hello. I am trying to find genuine Hyundai-parts for my 2012 Hyundai IX35 and I am looking for the following parts:
These are very standard parts, but I cannot find them in your webshop.
Does this mean that you do not have them?
Thank you in advance. Best regards Peter
Peter[ 04/01/2022 ]
  • 517122Y000
    products with these numbers do not apply in Korea, these are export versions, they cannot be bought from us
    maax[ 05/01/2022 ]
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I want Transmission control unit for Hyundai TUCSON 2016
Hyundai TUCSON 2016 Transmission control unit Part # 95440-2D700
Michael Ankrah[ 18/12/2020 ]
  • If you want just make order and checout
    maax[ 23/12/2020 ]
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could you hel us with Quotation of this references number please?
28235-2F250 2pcs
Leslie[ 08/09/2020 ]
  • I do not understand what you want specifically. If you want to buy, just place an order and pay, everything is simple
    maax[ 09/09/2020 ]
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I look for the next spare
VIN: KNAKU815BBA208434 spare that you sell it serves me for VIN: KNAKU815BCA329864
  • Absolutely fit
    maax[ 23/07/2020 ]
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Shipping to Guatemala
Hey there! I wish to ve contacted to discuss shipping for a producto I would like to but. Thanks!
Rudy Contreras[ 21/07/2020 ]
  • What item about you ask?
    We can shipp to Guatemala
    maax[ 21/07/2020 ]
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